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Line Rocket Car competition

On Wednesday 15th March, Mr Loveridge was accompanied by his D&T Club in the Bloodhound Race for the Line Rocket Car competition. The 12 children had been working together in teams of 3 to create a rocket powered car with one goal – to travel as quickly as possible! Each team worked incredibly hard across a three week design and production period and thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Basildon to race their creations. The cars performed incredibly well on the day but sadly were not fast enough to place in a position which qualifies them for the national final. The cars will be used in next year’s D&T Club to build upon and improve the existing designs to make them faster for next year. 1) Ruby Toulson, Harry, Jake 2) Lucas Allan, Toby Gretton, 3) Edie Luck, Lucy Cable and Evie Kinsler – 29.1 MPH 4) Christian Wiseman, Kieran Goold and Monty Donnelly – 30.8 MPH

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