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Emerging Girls Football Tournament

On Friday 7th October, our girls’ football team played in the Southend Primary School Sports Association Emerging Girls Football Tournament at Len Forge. They played ten competitive matches across the day.

The morning began with five matches lasting ten minutes one way. The first match was a tough battle between both teams, with the teams getting used to the pitch surface and warming up into the game, the girls put in strong defending and were unfortunate to end the first game with a loss. The team found their rhythm to go on and win the next two matches. The fourth game was very close but the team was unfortunate to concede a goal. The final game of the morning they found their confidence again and went on to get another win.

West Leigh 0-1 St. Marys

West Leigh 4-0 Friars

West Leigh 2-1 Earls Hall

West Leigh 0-1 Allen Court

West Leigh 3-0 Bournemouth Park

After lunch the team had another five competitive games to play. The girls’ continued to play great attacking football and demonstrated great teamwork throughout every match, winning three of their games.

West Leigh 0-2 Temple Sutton

West Leigh 2-0 Milton Hall

West Leigh 5-0 Eastwood

West Leigh 2-0 Hamstel

West Leigh 0-2 Greenways

The girls’ did a fantastic job finishing in 4th place. The whole team put in an incredible performance throughout the day, improving their confidence and team work in every match. They thoroughly enjoyed a day of playing competitive football.


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