We are a school where children can enjoy learning and where achievement in all aspects of life is celebrated. We want our pupils to develop caring, confident and tolerant attitudes.

At West Leigh Junior School we provide the environment, expertise and resources to allow this to happen. The school is fortunate in having a well-qualified, experienced, committed and enthusiastic staff and with parental support and co-operation, our children are happy and successful here.
We believe that a school is made up of people, not buildings. We want everyone to enjoy being a member of this community and to feel a personal commitment to it.
Our aims are:
  • to establish and maintain an environment where happy and successful pupils develop a love of learning.
  • to establish a disciplined and safe learning community for both children and adults so that all feel valued and learn to value others.
  • to provide a rich, balanced and stimulating curriculum so that we can encourage all children to develop their skills and understanding to their full potential, as well as seeing academic, sporting, musical and aesthetic excellence as a positive asset.
  • to provide children with self-discipline, powers of reasoning and care for others and the wider environment, so that they are able to make a real contribution to the changing world in which they live.

Our school opened in 1913 to serve the rapid residential growth in the west of Leigh up to the border with Hadleigh. The buildings have been adapted and modernised many times to meet the changing demands placed upon the site.


The school has sixteen classrooms of varying sizes, two halls, a computer suite, a library, a pupil kitchen, two work areas in the upper school, two rooms for special individual work and a modern medical room. We also have a music room.


We share the site with our partner infant school.


A dining hall is also used for large group activities and whole school assemblies, as well as lunchtime eating.


The school has been adapted to meet the needs of wheelchair users. Our site also houses a fully heated indoor swimming pool. All entrances are covered by CCTV, as is the school medical room. Adjacent to the dining hall and overlooking the main entrance to the school, is our site manager’s house.

Our History

In 2013 we celebrated our 100th Birthday with a number of celebrations throughout the year.  In the build up to our birthday we were inendated with photos and memories from ex-pupils and staff. Please visit our archive to view more on the history of West Leigh Junior School.