Summer Uniform

• Black tailored trousers or shorts
• Gold short-sleeved polo shirt with logo
• Cardigan, jumper or gilet with logo
• Summer dress, playsuit/all in one or school skirt

• Black or white socks 



PE Kits

  • Plain black PE shorts 

  • Plain black PE leggings

  • Plain black sports joggers

  • West Leigh zip-up tracksuit top

  • Yellow round-necked t-shirt with logo

  • Plain black trainers (no coloured logos or trim)

  • School tracksuit (optional) or plain dark sweat top and trousers

Winter Uniform

• Pinafore, skirt or black tailored trousers
• Gold long sleeved polo shirt with logo
• Cardigan, jumper or gilet with logo
• Black tights or socks

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Other Uniform Guidelines

We will accept smart, black trainers, plain with no logo as well as black shoes.

We expect children to come to school with clean, brushed hair. Hair bands are to be in school colours. Hopefully hair braiding will not be done during term time. If it is, the hair must be tied back neatly off the face and not swing around and without beading on the end. All those children with long hair are to tie it back during the school day. 

No bracelets, necklaces or rings should be worn because of the risk of injury to the wearer or to another child. We follow the Local Authority Health and Safety advice on the wearing of earrings during physical education and swimming. Children will have to remove their own earrings and place them in a small named container. After the physical activity, including swimming, they must replace their own earrings.

Since each class has some form of physical activity at varying times during the week, we advise that earrings are not to be worn in school at any time. If the child cannot remove their own earrings we ask that they are removed at home on the days they have PE or swimming.


Watches can be worn in school but again, will have to be taken off before any activity.

We respectfully ask that ear piercing is done at the beginning of the summer holiday and we would prefer no more than one earring to be worn in each ear during school time. 

All property must be named in indelible ink or with sewn in labels. There is a lost property container at the school entrance. Unnamed property will be disposed of after three weeks. Please carefully name lunch boxes and drinking bottles or cups. 

School Uniform suppliers

School uniforms can be purchased from the following suppliers:


Paul's Discount Clothing

38-40 Southchurch Road,


Essex, SS1 2ND


Tel: 01702 466431


School Wear Centre

96 Hamlet Court Road,


Essex, SS0 7LP


Tel: 01702 330300


Classrooms 39.JPG