What to expect in Year Six…

Year 6 is often considered to be an important year in a child’s educational journey as it marks the transition from primary to secondary education. At West Leigh, we believe that the children should be fully prepared for whatever challenges and opportunities they face in Year 7 and, subsequently, the year is adapted to enable this to happen seamlessly.


During the course of the year, the children will be provided with diverse and creative learning opportunities across the curriculum including:

– designing and manufacturing a puppet;

– developing their drama skills to inspire writing;

– studying the significance of ‘The Little Ships’, and in particular ‘The Endeavour’ from Leigh-on-Sea;

– creating artwork inspired by metaphorical language;

–designing their own unique creature in science;

and countless wonderful tasks.


Due to being the oldest children in the school, additional opportunities are made available for Year 6, providing them with a chance to be role models for younger children as Maths Mates and Reading Champions, as well as potentially taking on the role of prefects, librarians and even as Team Captains.


There are also regular additional opportunities for Year 6 students to represent their school in a diverse range of sporting activities, musical events and varied competitions relating to many contrasting skills.


Although the year includes the end of Key Stage 2 tests (Often referred to as SATs), the children will feel well prepared for these as a result of a very carefully structured revision programme which supports them academically and also in terms of their mental health in what could be a stressful period.


However, in spite of the inevitable hard work that is expected, there are highlights that will, undoubtedly, create much excitement, whether it be Ilam Week (residential)/Southend Week, their Leavers’ Assembly, the visit of ‘The Young Shakespeare Company’ or the Year 6 Swimming Gala.


One thing will be certain: it will be a busy year for the Year 6 students.


Year 6 Group Leader - Mr W. Dunn

6W - Mr W. Dunn

6A - Mrs S. Nash

      - Mrs S. Carr

6F - Miss D. Fletcher

6P - Miss E. Poysden


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