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At West Leigh, our School Council forms an integral part of school life where all members play an essential role in school improvement. We recognise the importance of providing a forum for all children to voice their ideas, developing respect for the opinions of others and enabling them to develop responsible attitudes whilst taking an active role in the organisation of the school.

By planning and organising small projects, debating, mediating and negotiating, our pupils develop their roles as citizens through learning about rights and responsibilities within the school system.


By participating in annual class elections, pupils at West Leigh are given the opportunity to experience the democratic process as one child from each class is elected as School Councillor, with a second appointed as Deputy.

Pupils are assigned the roles of Chair and Secretary and all members of the council are invited to add items to the agenda for our weekly meetings.


All meetings encourage and promote mutual respect for all as councillors learn to share and discuss the ideas of their peers, channelled through the use of class suggestion boxes.


A dedicated school webpage, notice board and timetabled class feedback sessions, ensure that weekly meeting minutes are shared and discussed and further ideas and decisions are canvassed.

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