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What the parents have been saying: Parent Survey Feedback

“My child has not been at the school for long. What we have appreciated most is the friendly, capable and open approach of all the staff we have dealt with.”


“I think this Is a great school with excellent facilities. My daughter has grown in confidence and is happy and enjoys coming into school every day.The standard of teaching is very good.”


“First impressions we find WLJS a brilliant school. Very professional attitude of staff. Polished atmosphere (individuals, community, facilities)”


“We are privileged to have our child in West Leigh School. Teachers are very supportive and approachable. All the staff including the Head Teacher, teachers, Deputy Heads and others are always helpful throughout the stay at West Leigh”


“My daughter started in Year 3 this year. I have seen her confidence soar and her academic levels increase fantastically. She loves coming to school and I feel she is achieving her potential every day. The levels expected of her are high from the school and I am amazed at the level of constructive feedback in her written work and that they understand at this level at the age of seven. What a brilliant school – so glad she is there. Thank you!”

"I just wanted to drop a note to you to say how amazing the first week of home schooling has been - and it’s due to the amount of time and effort that the teachers have put in. This time round has been so much easier for James to get on with his learning and be able to still see his teacher and classmates. I can’t thank you and all the staff enough for the time and effort you all put into our children, we are truly grateful."

"I would like to say what wonderful home-schooling set up it is. I can see what a huge effort all the year six teachers are making, and the daily personal feedback keeps us going when we wind down in the evening. Personally I enjoy Mrs Carr’s English lesson’s and feel my English is improving! Perhaps this email began a little too formally? but I am also aware of my grammar and punctuation! 
Thank you all very much! Keep up the great work!" 

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work, lessons and supportive feedback to Alfie during lock down. It has made a big difference and really motivated him - we both work full time and it’s been such a relief to see him motivated and engaging with work independently. Thank you - fingers crossed for some normality soon."

What the children have been saying: Pupil Survey Feedback

“I really enjoy being in this school. The teachers and the pupils are all really friendly. The things that I always want to stay the same is everything! Everything is fun and interesting and I’ve enjoyed every moment. Please stay the same! I LOVE WEST LEIGH WAYS!”

“I think West Leigh is a really good school, it takes care of people and has the good requirements that a good school should have. It gets the Year 6 well prepared for secondary schools and makes every individual fell special and valued.”

“I am extremely proud of my school; it is a privilege to go to West Leigh School. We have talented teachers, who try their hardest to make the school better! West Leigh is the best school ever!”

“1) There are good teachers. 2) People are kind. 3) They take care of you. 4) They make you feel comfortable.”

“My school is fun. We have lots of things to play on and with. There are lots of kind children in the school and we have a lot of clubs as well. I love this school.”

“I feel very safe in this school because they treat you nicely and help you learn a lot! I think the school is brilliant and fun and I’m happy my parents chose this school.”

“I enjoy school a lot and I have always felt safe and happy here.”

“I think the school is really good because it gives you lots of big chances, lots of support and it makes you feel comfortable around other children.”

“I think that this school is great because all the people and teachers are kind and helpful. Also there is lots of fun equipment in the playground.”

“I feel proud to be a part of West Leigh. Thanks to them they have made my future bright. I will be sad to leave West Leigh.”


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