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At West Leigh, we offer a wide and rich extra-curricular provision. This enables children to spend time on their favourite areas of the curriculum as well as enjoying new and exciting opportunities. It also provides the chance to develop interests and talents in specific areas, such as baking, sewing and different sports.  


We have very strong take up of the extra-curricular opportunities that are provided. Each year we monitor this take up and those children who may have attended fewer clubs are prioritised the following year.


The clubs run before school, during lunchtimes and after school. The latest timetable is below:

We try our best to try to support our parents and offer have our breakfast club which runs daily in the Upper School hall. The Infants School run an After School Club for children aged between 4 and 11, during term time/ 


West Leigh Breakfast Club is open to all children who attend West Leigh Junior School and West Leigh Infant School. It is open daily, term time only, and drop off is from 7.30am at the Junior School reception. 

Breakfast Club is run on a drop-in basis and does not require booking in advance. The cost is £5 per session and we ask for payment to be made on the day or in advance.


A varied breakfast is provided for the children which includes toast, crumpets, fruit loaf or bagels. Children who attend our Junior School will go into the playground for the start of the school day at 8.40am. Children from the Infant School are led across by our staff for the start of their day. 


Our After School Club will run until 6pm daily. The children engage in a variety of activities including some screen time, opportunity to do homework, outside play, indoor games and crafts. The children have a snack at 3.45pm, followed by a selection of wraps, bagels, pitta bread, with various filling, fresh fruit and vegetables from 4.30pm.

The children will meet after school in the Lower School Hall. Mrs Parsons, Miss Ling and Mrs Walton will be amongst the staff welcoming the children. You will collect your child at the end of the session from the Year 4 entrance, there is a bell on the door if needed. 


If your child goes to football, netball or any other school activity after school, they can still come into the After School Club directly from the school activity. We will know which children to expect as you will need to book your child’s place via ParentPay and select the session that you require.


The charge is £10 per child for the daily session, even if you collect them earlier than the 6pm finish. If they come to the club after a school activity, such as football or netball which you pay for, we will only charge you £7.50 for the session. After school activities which have no cost will mean we require the full £10 for the session. We can accept childcare vouchers as payment.


Please book your child’s place via ParentPay. If you have any queries, please contact