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Inspiring visitors and visits that are linked to our curriculum are an essential part of our personal development offer. These opportunities bring subjects to life in a way that we cannot do in the classroom – and provide a depth of understanding into historical events and geographical enquiry. Taking children out of the classroom environment can help to boost their self-confidence and increase their motivation and enthusiasm for the topic when back in the classroom.

We aim to make the best use of our local area and fully immerse the children into its rich history and unique geographical features. Many outings to the beach, local woods, Old Leigh, Southend and Leigh Broadway take place throughout the children’s time at West Leigh. 

Some of our trips and visitors throughout the year include:

  • Colchester Castle

  • Rivers of Life – Thames Explorer Outreach

  • Young Shakespeare Company

  • Southend Museum and Planetarium

  • Astronomy Dome

  • Portals to the Past

We also organise several residential visits from Year 3 to Year 6 – please click the link below to find out more.

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