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We pride ourselves in being a healthy school. Our aim is to help our children to grow healthily, safely and

responsibly. This positive ethos is embedded across the curriculum, throughout lunchtime and within the

extra-curricular clubs we offer, including breakfast and after school club.

Physical fitness is very high on our agenda. Our broad PE curriculum allows children to participate in a wide variety

of sports to satisfy every need, including swimming.  In addition to this, the breadth of sporting clubs we offer is

extensive, including football, cross-country, athletics, kurling and archery. In addition, classes regularly participate

in the Daily Mile whereby they use our running track to increase their levels of fitness.


We offer a wide variety of other clubs which take place before school, during lunchtimes and after school, which are well attended by the children; healthy cookery, art club and Spanish club to name but a few. Our pupil-led clubs are an excellent opportunity for children to practise their organisational skills and to take on a responsible role as club leaders. These clubs run at lunchtimes and are supervised by a member of staff. 


In order to enrich the lunchtime experience, there is a range of play equipment available for the children to use. Members of staff and Year 6 play leaders organise this and ensure that the equipment is used correctly and creatively. If the children prefer a quieter lunchtime, the school has a well-stocked library for them to visit, along with our popular Reading Nook whereby children can read their favourite book on the playground. 


We have a strict healthy eating policy which states that the children only bring healthy snacks into school for break time. We also promote healthy eating across the school day as part of breakfast club, within our tuck shop, our school lunches and snacks provided within after school club. All food supplied is carefully selected and complies with the government food standards.  

The school promotes strong ecological values including recycling, repurposing and sustainability. We achieve this through a dedicated Eco Warrior within each class who is responsible for promoting an awareness within the school and the wider community. For example: monitoring of recycling bins, pen recycling, car sharing, walking to school and promoting Clean Air Day through our ‘School Street’ initiative, which prohibits the driving of vehicles within the close proximity of the school before the school day begins and after it has ended, thus keeping the children safe at this time. 

Wellbeing is a high priority. The PSHE curriculum provides opportunities for the children to make valuable choices about how to stay safe in life and in their future work. 

All of the above have allowed us, as a school, to achieve our Enhanced Healthy Schools Status. 

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