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What to expect in Year Five…

Year Five is an important and enjoyable year for the children as they transition into the upper school. The children

will be supported to demonstrate an increased level of independence and organisation across subjects as they

prepare for their final year of primary education. The pupils of Year 5 will be applying the skills and knowledge

acquired in the lower school and will be given the opportunity to take on greater responsibility within the wider

school community.


During the course of the year, the children will be provided with diverse and creative learning opportunities across

the curriculum including:

  • Learning about the history and culture of the Anglo-Saxons;

  • Designing an building sea-themed cam toys;

  • Performing poetry;

  • Coding simple mechanisms using ‘Lego We Do’ robotics;

  • Building Mayan masks;

  • Carrying out science investigations with visitors from Westcliff High School for Boys;

  • Learning about natural disasters and the impact they have in specific areas of the world;

  • Developing arts and craft skills such as quilling and weaving;

  • Interpreting and imitating the art of Turner, Van Gogh and Hokusai;

  • Reading and learning about the work of William Shakespeare;

  • Using green screen technology when creating digital art;

  • Learning how to keep themselves and others safe in PSHE;

  • Exploring the solar system, the movement of the Earth and the

       phases of the moon


Within all subjects, we aim to create a language-rich classroom  that will broaden the children’s use of academic vocabulary and  enable each and every pupil to express ideas confidently and  articulately.



We are also planning to take Year Five on a two-night residential trip  to Danbury in the summer term. The pupils will have the opportunity

to take part in a range of outdoor activities designed to foster  team-building and communication skills.


Year Five is both an interesting and important year in the children’s development and we look forward to an exciting year ahead.


Year 5 Group Leader - Mrs J. Wilson


5R - Mr R. Markham

5J - Mrs J. Wilson


5K - Miss K. Chapman


5F - Mrs K. Flower


The swimming and PE days as published below reflect the usual weekly timetable as set each half term. However, there may at times be the occasional change, which will be communicated by email.

PE kit needed


Indoor PE - Friday

Outdoor PE - Monday



Indoor PE - Friday

Outdoor PE - Tuesday


Indoor PE - Thursday

Outdoor PE - Monday



Indoor PE - Thursday

Outdoor PE - Monday


5J – Thursday

5R – Wednesday

5K – Wednesday

5F – Thursday

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