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What to expect in Year Four…


During the course of the year, the children will be provided with diverse and creative learning opportunities across the curriculum including:

  • Developing their understanding of English by using a range of books and authors;

  • Learning about mummification;

  • Designing and making canopic jars from clay;

  • Building and creating tomb exploring robots;

  • Questioning whether artefacts should be taken from the country they came from;

  • Learning about the culture, geography and climate of a different European country;

  • Devising and making their own pizzas;

  • Understanding how the Romans have influenced our language and country;

  • Learning about theme parks, fairgrounds and fun fairs;

  • Designing and building fairground rides;

  • Learning about the scientific world by carrying out investigations and using technology in exciting ways; and many other exciting and engaging tasks. 

  • We are also planning to take Year Four on an educational visit to Colchester in the spring  term as we learn about the history of the Romans in Britain.


During Year Four we will put an emphasis on helping all children  become fluent and confident with their multiplication tables.  As well as dedicated teaching of the multiplication tables we will be  encouraging the children to use ttrockstars and take part in battle of the bands!

The swimming and PE days as published below reflect the usual weekly timetable as set each half term. However, there may at times be the occasional change, which will be communicated by email.



PE kit is needed on the following days.

(Outdoor PE will switch each half-term.)



Indoor PE - Tuesday

Outdoor PE - Thursday


Indoor PE - Monday

Outdoor PE - Wednesday


Indoor PE - Monday

Outdoor PE - Thursday



Indoor PE - Monday

Outdoor PE - Wednesday


Year 4 Group Leader - Mr M. Boylan


4B - Mr M. Boylan

4E - Mrs E. Rodger

4S - Miss B. Street

4G - Mrs B. Garrett

      - Mrs N. Aggus

4B - Monday

4G - Tuesday

4S - Tuesday

4E - Friday

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