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Sport Hall Athletics

On Wednesday 31st January West Leigh competed in both the Year 3/4 and 5/6 Sportshall Athletics at Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre. The day was split into 2 parts with Years 5 and 6 competing in the morning and Years 3 and 4 competing in the afternoon.

With each competition consisting of 6 track events and 6 field events, each athlete is also only allowed to compete in a maximum of two track and two field events.

In the morning year 5 and 6 performed consistently throughout all of their events, with some children completing one event and going straight into their next event. When all the events were completed and the scores added up, all 22 schools gathered in the middle of the hall to find out the results. As the top 10 schools were announced everyone was nervously waiting to find out how they did. With a score of 992 points, year 5 and 6 finished 2nd and will now go on to represent Southend in the Essex finals.

In the afternoon year 3 and 4 were competing with 21 schools. The children got off to a great start, by winning a number of the track events. With the results from the field events unknown, everyone had to wait till the end of the competition to discover how we had got on. Once again all the schools gathered in the middle of the hall to find out the top 10 results. With a score of 1048 points, year 3 and 4 finished 1st. Yay!

All the children that were involved in this completion showed exceptional sportsmanship and behaviour throughout; they were a credit to the school.

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