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Firework Safety Assembly

On Monday 17th October, the school was visited by Stuart Huxter from the Essex Fire and Rescue Service. Stuart came to speak to the children about firework safety. He explained that Firework Night should be about having fun, not about getting hurt. He began with a few safety rules about Halloween, including making sure that children go trick or treating with an adult and only knocking on doors of those who are expecting you, or who have their houses decorated for Halloween. He also reminded children to be safe on the roads. Stuart told the children to check their Halloween costumes for the flame retardant symbol, as some costumes are made which are not safe around fire. Stuart then reminded children about the Firework Code. He told the children that the safest way to view fireworks is at an organised display – this is not only safer but will have much better fireworks! Children should ensure that they do not wear any loose clothing or have their hair loose.

Finally, Stuart talked about sparklers, which cause the highest number of firework related injuries. Children were reminded to: stand still wear gloves only hold one sparkler at a time hold the sparkler away from their face clear the area around them put in a bucket of water when finished Both Mr Queenborough and Stuart were very impressed with how much information the children remembered from Stuart’s assembly last year. We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable firework night.

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