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KS2 Borough Sports

On Wednesday 21st June, 51 children from Years 3, 4 and 5 entered the Southend Borough Sports competition at Garons Park. We had many winners and places in our track and field events. 5 gold medals, and 1 silver; both our year 3 relay teams came second which put us through to the Super Sports competition the following week, along with Clarlie Larn 1st Year 3 (standing long jump) Mollie Tite 1st Year 5 (shot put) Archie Jeacock 1st Year 3 (javelin) and Gauri Sidharthan 1st with a new Borough Record of 20.9 metres Year 3 (Tennis ball throw).

On Tuesday this week our sprinters were in action at the Super Sports competition, Sienna Winslow (Year 3) who narrowly missed out on a 3rd place medal which needed a photo finish to decide the result . Finlay Apps (Year 3 ) won his 70m sprint race with a time of 10.6 seconds. Our relay teams were unlucky with the girls finishing 4th (Daisy Samuels, Emma Parkinson, Zoe Tryfonos and Sienna Winslow) and the boys picking up an excellent silver medal position (Finlay Preston, Xavier Drake, Ted Thomas and Finlay Apps).

On Wednesday the field events took place, Gauri won her tennis ball throw, Mollie came third, Charlie missing out on a bronze medal by 1 cm! Archie came fourth in his javelin throw with both the first and second place boys breaking the borough record!

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