Library launch

It has been a very exciting final week of the half term for the children as they enjoyed ‘library week’ which concluded with the launch of our brand new library. Author Alan Gibbons spent time with the Year 5 and 6 children conducting a writing workshop following his inspiring whole school assembly. Each year group were given a ‘brilliant book’ to focus their learning in English this week which lead to a number of fun and engaging activities. On Thursday the children went on a book related scavenger hunt around the school looking for clues before getting a sneak peak of the new library ahead of its launch. Author Alan Gibbons, along with governors, parent councillors, student council and the press came along to enjoy the cutting of the ribbon and some yummy cakes as we unveiled the new woodland themed library. Thanks to the cake sale earlier in the term and the Book fair, which has been open all week, we have had a huge amount of new books donated to the library for the children to use and enjoy when they return to school after the break. Thank you to everyone for their kind donations.

#year3 #year4 #year5 #Year6 #wholeschool

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