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Swimming Gala

Here are just the highlights of the swimming gala Borough Gala Wednesday 7th June at Garons. It was an extremely tough competition. The level of swimming across all the schools taking part was fantastic. Our children performed extremely well, breaking 12 records across the year groups. Records in: Grimes Cup relay - William Bates, Sophia Butler, Edie Luck, Brandon Winslow Yr 6 boys relay - Fred Langmead, Fred Neill, Logan Carr, Sam Carter Yr 3 girls relay - Lois Kinsler, Emma Bell, Tallulah-Rose Lynn, Rae Wheatley Yr3/4 Medley relay - Edward Thomas, Billy Attfield, Jensen Larthe, Finlay Apps Squadron relay - Tallulah-Rose Lynn, Evan Larthe, Daisy Samuels, Finley Apps, Harriet Lawrence, Brandon Winslow, Francesca Beauvink, Fred Neill Year 5/6 butterfly - Lydia Stevenson Year 3/4 butterfly - Jensen Larthe Yr 6 boys backstroke - Logan Carr Yr 4 Boys Backstroke - Edward Thomas Year 3 boys backstroke - Evan Larthe Yr 6 boys frontcrawl - Fred Langmead Yr 3/4 Champion boys - Jensen Larthe Overall Years 3/4 came first and are going to the Essex Finals at Basildon Sporting Village. Years 5/6 came second, losing by just one point. It was an extremely exciting gala. The children were amazing and should all be very proud of themselves.

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