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Healthy school status

We are over the moon to have had our Healthy Schools status revalidated. We had 2 visitors from the local authority, Lisa Holloway and Deborah Hart, who visited the school yesterday to moderate the school. They spoke to Mrs Mitchinson about PE and clubs. The four Year 6 school councillors showed them around the school and the children answered questions in an articulate way about the health and well being of the children. The ladies then watched a fruit preparation session led by Mrs Rodger and some Year 4 children. They then watched the Year 6 tuck monitors in action at breaktime. They spoke with Mrs London regarding PSHE. In our final meeting, one of our governors, Annalisa Herve and parent representative Caroline Edmonds, were present as well as Mr Lear, Mrs Rodger and Mrs Atkin to discuss health and wellbeing even further. A member of ASSA spoke to the ladies about what activities they do on the playground with the children at lunchtime, 2 members of the playground squad from Year 5 also spoke to them about their role. The ladies wandered through the school at lunchtime to see which clubs were going on and then enjoyed a hot dinner from the dining hall before they left.

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