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Tag Rugby

Tag rugby has brought great success for West Leigh during the past ten years at the Year 5/6 Southend Finals and this year's team have continued this proud record. During the course of a busy day, they played 10 games and impressively won all 10 ultimately being crowned champions. In the morning, they played four games in the group stage: West Leigh 5 - 1 Milton Hall West Leigh 7 - 0 Thorpe Greenways West Leigh 7 - 2 St. Blenheim West Leigh 5 - 3 Fairways Following these great results, they joined the second stage playing in a group of 5 as part of the 'Super 10s'. The standard of competition was raised and so too was the team's technical ability both in attack and defence. West Leigh 6 - 3 Temple Sutton West Leigh 7 - 1 Bournemouth Park West Leigh 4 - 3 Bournes Green West Leigh 5 - 1 Chalkwell Continuing with their 100% record, they prepared for a semi-final yet the team felt, even though they had played amazingly well, that there was room for improvement. In the semi-final and final they certainly proved this to be true. Semi-final West Leigh 3 - 0 Heycroft Final West Leigh 5 - 1 Bournes Green Will they be able to continue this remarkable run of victories? We will find out later in the Year when they compete in the Essex Tag Rugby Finals. With their superb ability, incredible desire to improve and strong sense of team unity, it certainly is a distinct possibility!

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