Netball festival

On Wednesday 8th March, two Year 5 and 6 netball teams attended a netball festival at Alleyn Court School. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as playing at such a superb venue.

The scores were as follows:

West Leigh C 2 Hamstel 0

West Leigh C 0 Alleyn court 7

West Leigh C 0 West Leigh A 0

West Leigh C 2 Blenheim 1

West Leigh C 2 OLOL 0

West Leigh B 1 OLOL 0

West Leigh B 3 Blenheim 0

West Leigh B 3 Alleyn court 6

West Leigh B 1 Hamstel 0

#year5 #year6 #Sport #wholeschool

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