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Helen Peters visits West Leigh

On Wednesday afternoon, we were fortunate enough to welcome the author Helen Peters into the school due to the links we have with our fabulous local book shop, Jacqson Diego. As part of Helen’s assembly, the children were invited into the world of spies and espionage during World War Two to piece together the clues in a plot to wreak havoc in London in 1940. Thank goodness the children figured out the plan as did the detectives at the time!

Helen introduced her new book, ‘Friends and Traitors’, also set in 1940 which follows two characters, Nancy and Sidney, as they discover that the country could be in terrible danger. Helen inspired many of the children – so much so that several returned after school to purchase a signed copy. If you would like to order a copy of the book or her other war based story, ‘Anna at War’ , please use the following link: which will be available until next Friday (30th June). Books will be delivered to school and distributed as soon as possible.

Similarly, if you would like to continue to support Jacqson Diego through our book shop partnership scheme, which means the every book you buy goes towards new books for the school, please click on the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. Reading is at the heart of what we do and we hope the children continue to enjoy books for a lifetime.

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