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Reviewing the Situation

As many of you will be aware, the production of Oliver Junior, which culminated on Saturday last weekend was, by all accounts, a theatrical success.

The production team, and the wider staff are incredibly proud of the children’s achievements, and we sincerely hope that for many of them, this is the start of a longer journey in performing arts. Hopefully, the memories will last for a long time to come. Rather than waxing lyrical about each and every aspect of their performance, it may be useful to read the review from NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) penned by Tessa Davies, Chair of NODA Youth Strategy Development, who was very positive in her praise for the show:

"This production, performed by the pupils of West Leigh Junior School, was interestingly different. Moved to modern day, the story was, essentially, the one we know and love, but given an interesting ‘twist’ by Director Mr Dunn.

I was extremely impressed by the entire cast, from the Principals right through to the Immersive Theatrical Group and it was good to see the inclusivity practised in setting this show. Every pupil was immersed in the production and there were some excellent and expressive performances from the ensemble.

To my regret I was only able to watch one group of Principals - I would have loved to have been able to see it again with the other group as I am sure they were just as strong with their performances.

I regret that there is not enough space for me to mention everyone by name, but I must compliment them all on their performances.

It really was a joy to watch this performance with its different ‘take’ on the scenery and setting. Some of the ways the Director had the cast overcome the limitations of the stage lighting was also impressive. I want to give my congratulations to everyone involved in the show.

It was a lovely way to end a week when I have also seen other youth productions, I am so pleased to see that musical theatre is in the safe hands of these young people. I look forward to the next production."

NODA owns the Intellectual Property Rights to the content of all show reports written by NODA Councillors, Reps and Assistant Reps.


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