Our curriculum driver is one of the tools we use to personalise our curriculum. The staff work together to discuss and analyse what the pupils at our school really need to focus and work upon during the coming year. Sometimes our curriculum driver will span more than one school year in order to be fully developed and embedded.  

This year’s curriculum driver is diversity. We hope to develop our pupils’ understanding and appreciation of difference in others, encouraging them to recognise and celebrate diversity across race, religion, gender, disability, age and sexuality. Throughout the year, we wish diversity to become embedded and embraced within all aspects of school life. 

​As a result, ‘diversity’ will be driven throughout lesson planning, assemblies and extra-curricular activities to ensure that pupils fully develop an understanding of diversity and unconscious bias. Our staff will receive training throughout the year on different aspects of diversity and how this can be addressed within the classroom, and we will be celebrating key events such as Black History Month and Pride. We will also be closely examining our curriculum to ensure that it is as diverse as possible.