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Our curriculum driver is an important tool we use to personalise our West Leigh curriculum. Our staff work together to discuss and analyse what the pupils at our school particularly need to focus and work upon during the coming year. Sometimes our curriculum driver will need to span more than one school year in order to be fully developed and embedded.  


This year’s curriculum driver is 'It's the little things that count'. We wish to promote the idea that little things do add up to a lot – and that everyone in the school is responsible for these ‘little things’.  When we selected this driver, it was because it was all encompassing and it reflects how all the many things we do and the decisions we make each and every day (no matter how ordinary) make a difference to the world and everyone and everything in it. It ranges from the way we speak to one another to the way we treat our environment. Our school and our local community are a microcosm of the world; the habits we teach and practise at West Leigh will hopefully contribute to making the world a better place as our pupils move through life.

As a result, ‘It's the little things that count’ will be driven throughout lesson planning, assemblies and extra-curricular activities to ensure that pupils fully develop an understanding of their role in society and how they can contribute to making their community a better place through their words and actions. This will include the children examining characters in texts and analysing the choices that they make; holding discussions and debates about ethical dilemmas faced in the historical periods of study and reading and discussing stories in the news about people who make a difference.

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