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Be Internet Legends

Last Friday the children in year 4 and 5 were invited to become “Internet Legends” as they participated in a memorable assembly on online safety presented by @TheParentsZone and @GoogleUK.

The children learnt about being sharp, alert, secure, kind and brave when they are online.  The children were guided through the five pillars 

Be Sharp - Think Before You Share - 

We learnt about protecting our online reputation and considering our privacy when online.

Be Alert - Check it’s For Real - here the children learnt how to spot when something online is suspicious, misleading or a scam. 

Be Secure - And Protect Your Stuff - The importance of privacy and security. when online was reinforced through the fun characters . 

Be Kind - Respect Each Other - the children learnt about the power of online positivity by conveying kindness and empathy through their online presence. 

Be Brave - When in Doubt, DiscussChildren were encouraged to be brave and reminded of the need to talk to an adult in order to get help with if they came across anything they were unsure of online. 

Throughout the exciting presentation, they worked to solve puzzles and unlock a code to retrieve a digital device that had no security on it leaving it vulnerable if accessed by others!  The children were able to demonstrate what they already knew from their lessons at school and extended their understanding throughout the session.  The children went away with a link to where they could play a game to reinforce what they learnt!   


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