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Head for the Day

On Friday 7th February, West Leigh Junior School had a new headteacher – for the day! Alex Miller won the school election and fulfilled his role as well as some of his campaign promises. Children were treated to games in their English and maths lessons, an extra afternoon break and an exciting whole school art project.

Alex started his day completing a full health and safety check of the school with Mr Silver, who was extremely impressed with Alex’s questions and attention to detail. He then entered the staffroom to address the full staff and fill them in on his plans for the day – a very daunting experience but Alex managed this well. Following a phone call with Mr Queenborough, Head of Learning and Teaching, Alex went on a learning walk around the school, looking specifically to see how well children were enjoying and engaging with their lessons. These findings were then typed up by Alex and shared with the staff.

Alex delivered an excellent assembly to the whole school, including a very inspiring story that he chose himself. He also completed break duty, met with Mrs Woolf and helped cover the office staff lunch, as well as checking the dining hall and prefect/monitor duties during lunchtime.

The afternoon was just as busy as the morning, including a meeting with the Chair of Governors and Chair of FOWLs. Alex also guest edited the weekly newsletter and collated his art project, which encapsulated what the children love about West Leigh.

Everyone commented on Alex’s enthusiasm, professionalism and the hard work that he had put into preparing for today. He was a fantastic headteacher – Mr Lear might need to watch out!

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