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Southend Borough Swimming Gala

On Wednesday 5th June, West Leigh travelled to Garon Leisure Centre to compete in the Southend Borough Swimming Gala. The competition was made up of a number of events, including individual and team races where children from all four year groups competed.

The standards from all eight schools were very high, making for a tough challenge. All of the children worked incredibly hard in every race, especially in the backstroke races where the children demonstrated great determination, powering all the way to the wall to the wall. There was also one race where the top three all finished at exactly the same time, putting the result down to who was fastest with the stopwatch.

Once again, we managed to break four borough records: one of them being our Year 5 Relay Team breaking the borough record every year since they were in year 3! We also achieved first place for the school in the champion boy and champion girl races, winning medals in all four races – three 1stand a 3rd which we have never done before.

With everyone in the swim squad performing to a high standard and consistently finishing in the top three in most races, everyone waited in anticipation to find out the results. With the year 3/4 results announced first, everyone waited eagerly as the results were announced with them finishing 1st. It was then turn for the Year 5/6 squad to find out. When the results were announced, they knew they had made it into the top three but with the top three finishing very close on points the squad eventually finished 2nd.

Every member of the squad performed amazingly throughout the tournament, demonstrating superb sportsmanship, behaviour, respect and encouragement to everyone involved. They were a real credit to the school and should all be very proud of their achievements.

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