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Science Day

We celebrated British Science Month with a day of experiments, learning and practical activities. We welcomed visitors from our fantastic parent community into school throughout the day. Mr Hawkins came and wowed Years 3 and 5 with his knowledge of space, stars and the solar system. The children asked some fantastic questions and were keen to further their learning in this area. Mr Bilanges demonstrated how to extract DNA from a strawberry which impressed both the staff and pupils! Mr Knight showed the children how to make carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen – a highlight was popping the hydrogen bubbles with a lighted taper! Year 6 learned all about careers in science from Mrs Grantham – the children were very inspired by this and hopefully we now have lots of future scientists in school!

Each year group carried out a practical activity that linked with their Connected Curriculum topic. Year 3 investigated what would actually have happened if Icarus had flown too close to the sun by making wings from feathers and wax and testing the effects of the elements. Making cheese from milk and vinegar proved a smelly and messy experience for Year 4, and Year 5 used their powers of observation to classify the different ‘choccy rocks’ that their teachers had discovered in space. Children in Year 6 learned about the ways that birds’ beaks are adapted for different purposes by attempting to pick up objects using different shaped utensils.

Science day was a fun, practical day and we hope that this has inspired a love of science in all of our pupils.

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