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Year 5/6 Football tournament

The Year 5 and 6 Boys’ football team competed in the Southend Primary School Sports Association Boys’ Football Competition on Monday 20th November 2017. The day started with group stages with 3 games to play. The boys lost their first game 0-1 to Chalkwell. Putting the loss behind them, the boys were determined to do better in the final two games of the group stage, filled with confidence they won the next two games. Finishing as runners up in the group the boys qualified for the super 16s. West Leigh 0-1 Chalkwell West Leigh 4-0 St. Michaels West Leigh 3-0 Porters After lunch the boys had another 3 games to play. The first game finished in a 0-2 defeat to Heycroft. The boys re focused to draw the next game and win the final game. With only the winners of the group going through to the semi finals, this brought an end to the competition for the boys. West Leigh 0-2 Heycroft West Leigh 0-0 Edwards Hall West Leigh 2-0 Westborough The boys put in an incredible performance throughout the day and did a remarkable job to finish in top 16 out of 31 schools that played in the competition. The boys represented the school with superb sportsmanship and behavior and should feel very confident when approaching their upcoming league campaign.

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