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Year 5 Hadleigh Country Park

On Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd September, Mrs Rodger, Mrs Atkin and Mrs Watts accompanied ten children at Hadleigh Country Park. Thursday: The guide’s name was Denise and she met the group by the round house. As an ice-breaker, the children played some team games. They then had to make up their own team game using the equipment supplied. The children enjoyed playing the games they had devised. Denise then showed the children how to make a kite using a bin bag and some sticks. The children had to work with a partner to make the kite, following instructions carefully. After lunch, they then swapped roles and the other partner made their kite. The children loved flying the kites. It was a very windy day so this helped!! Friday: The group met Denise again and started with some warm-up games. The group then took a lovely walk to a wooded area. Denise split the children into three groups. She gave the children tarpaulin and some rope. From this, the children had to make their own dens, which was great fun! Denise then showed the children how to make and light fires. The children collected their own firewood and lit their own fires by their dens. The children sat cosily in their dens and ate their lunch. After the walk back, the children sat in a circle and did some story-telling. Denise showed them the inside of the round house and explained what some of the historical items were for. The children really wanted to fly their kites again, so the day was finished off doing just that!! The children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at Hadleigh Country Park.

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