On Wednesday 30th November the school dodgeball teams travelled to Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre with Mr Hatton and Mr Nash to take part in a multi-school dodgeball event. The day was split into two parts with one team attending in the morning for a friendly dodgeball festival and the other team attending on the afternoon for a competitive tournament. The festival team the morning had the opportunity to play a number of dodgeball games with a range of different schools. They were able to improve their dodgeball skills throughout the morning and all of the children attending really enjoyed the occasion. It was wonderful to see so many schools playing each other and the West Leigh children were a real credit to the school. In the afternoon the tournament team arrived and were prepared for a tense and exciting session of dodgeball matches. Starting off in a group with 3 other schools, the team put their training to good use and were able to win all 3 matches. The team were brimming with confidence as they proceeded into the Super 8’s. The competition got significantly harder but West Leigh still managed to pick up 2 wins in the first 2 super 8 matches; this meant they were guaranteed a semi-final place! The last school in the Super 8’s were Bournemouth Park, who had also lasted to this point undefeated. After a very tense and exciting game of dodgeball, it was Bournemouth Park who emerged victorious. West Leigh had to try and pick themselves up from the defeat and prepare for a semi-final against a very strong Earls Hall team. Unfortunately, Earls Hall was too strong and West Leigh was unable to reach the final. However, there was still one dodgeball match left to play before the day ended. West Leigh would fight for the opportunity to take home a bronze medal in the 3rd/4th playoff against Temple Sutton. The whole team banded together, determined to win a medal for their efforts. They showed immense skill and character as they emerged victorious. A bronze medal, well done!

#wholeschool #Year5 #Year6

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