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Year 5 enjoy Stubbers

After an excitable coach journey, the children arrived at Stubbers around half past 5 on Wednesday evening. Not long after they had arrived, had they been organised into their tents and prepared their sleeping arrangements. The children were provided with their first of many delicious meals and listened carefully to a safety briefing from the Stubbers staff. Following dinner the children were entertained around the campfire by a variety of songs, many of which were recalled from a previous trip to Belchamps. ‘There was a bird’ was one of the favourites and was heard on a number of occasions over the two days!

The children settled themselves into their tents for their first night camping and even though the levels of excitement were high, they managed to catch a few hours of sleep before the sun came up.

The first full day bought a number of wonderful activities for the children. Jet ski rides, climbing, paddle boarding and Katu Kanu to name a few. One of the staff’s particular favourites was laser tag. It was interesting how competitive the teachers got when they were against another teacher! The children gave every activity their all and it was impressive seeing their level of enthusiasm to potentially challenging tasks. In the evening the children took a leisurely walk around the lake and enjoyed an energetic roll down the hill. The second day was concluded with the final of ‘Tent Factor’ where teachers and children witnessed a wide range of talents. Including some very suspect teacher impressions!

Friday arrived and some of the children found it a lot harder to get up for their activities than on the first day. The night was definitely quieter for the staff on the Thursday evening! As the day rolled on the children completed their activities and the realisation of going home settled in. After a fun filled final activity, the children set off to return back to school at around half past 3. Throughout the Stubbers residential the children behaved impressively and were an asset to the school. Many of the Stubbers staff commented on the politeness and the excellent behaviour they observed. Well done Year 5.

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