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Year 4 mini beast hunt

Year 4 ‘Young Scientists’ have been looking at habitats and classification of species in their lessons this half term. We ventured to Belfairs’ Woods to look in detail at mini beasts and, with the help of our magnifying glasses, identified a whole range of different creatures. Our first afternoon with 4P and 4R had the additional excitement of a series of hail storms whilst the second trip took place in bright sunshine with the added bonus of muddy puddles! The children sketched what they found and used a great app on the iPads called Bug Count to classify what they found. Fabulous fun was had by all. The children are now following up their field work with a session in the ICT suite using FlexiTREE, to create a branching database. A sincere thank you to all of our wonderful parents who came to move logs and save worms from certain death!

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