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Year 4 British Museum trip

Yesterday, the whole of Year 4 set off to the British Museum. This was to be an exciting start to their new topic of ‘Ancient Egypt’. The children had a pack of activities to complete, which would get them thinking about life in Ancient Egypt and areas that they would like to find out more about as the term progresses. We were able to visit all of the Egyptian galleries, getting a good look at the Rosetta Stone and many enormous Egyptian sculptures. Upstairs, we saw many artifacts from Ancient Egypt, which taught us how the Egyptians created mummies and farmed for food. The children were particularly excited to see real Egyptian mummies, including a 5000 year old man who had been mummified being buried under sand. The children all returned to school excited to find out more throughout the term. Teachers will be taking feedback from their classes so that children can help decide which areas they would like to learn more about.

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