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Young Voices at the O2

Wow!  What an amazing experience yet again – taking part in the Young Voices concert at the O2 Arena is an unforgettable day! 


We headed up to the O2 during the morning and checked in at Frankie and Benny’s for lunch before taking our seats for the afternoon rehearsal.  We were very fortunate to have wonderful seats right next to the stage which enabled us to see all the live musicians up close – they were so talented and inspiring.  During the rehearsal, our choir of over seventy children joined with other schools to make a choir of over 8500!! The sound was amazing, as was the sight of all the children.  Having practised with the live band, and been introduced to the other performers including Urban Strides dance crew, MC Grammar, singer Natalie Williams and the witnessing the mind-blowing talents of child prodigy drummer (and saxophonist), Nandi Bushell, the children refuelled before the concert as the excitement built. 


7pm.  The concert began.  Nothing can prepare the audience for the energy of 8500 children singing with all their hearts.  It was absolutely outstanding and the West Leigh Young Voices choir performed with such energy and professionalism – they were a joy to behold!  With bright lights, ‘a sky full of stars’, ‘revolting children’ , ‘walking on sunshine’ and the exhilaration of pyrotechnics, the children really did put on a show.  We cannot wait to start preparing for next year’s concert – watch this space!


For those parents and carers that were unable to make the ‘gig’ and for those that would like a special West Leigh encore, there will be a shorter version of the concert in the Dining Hall at 2pm on Tuesday 30th January.  We look forward to seeing you there.  


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