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Year 5 Mersea Residential

On Wednesday 20th September, 114 Year 5 children arrived at school with a mass of suitcases, full of excitement for their three-day residential in Mersea. Upon our arrival (to a very windy Mersea!), the children were sorted into their tents and then gathered together for a picnic lunch before their first two activities.

Some children found their way around the caving simulator whilst others conquered the knee-wobbling heights of the Leap of Faith. Following a hearty dinner and some time to organise their tents and play on the field, the children enjoyed a few stories and sung some songs whilst enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit. By this point, the children were ready for their beds. They all settled into their tents full of excitement for the next day’s activities and eventually, the camp was quiet!

On Thursday morning, the camp woke nice and early! After breakfast, the children were greeted by their instructors for more thrilling activities. Some children took to the water in kayaks learning how to paddle and steer by playing some team games whilst others worked on their team-work skills on the adventure course. After refuelling with a tasty lunch, the children tackled the high ropes, conquering their fears whilst others enjoyed paddle boarding on the calm lake. Unfortunately, due to bad weather and lack of light, our planned evening activity was unable to go ahead but with a quick re-plan, the whole group settled down to watch a film. With all the children worn out, the camp fell silent very quickly on Thursday night.

On Friday morning, the camp awoke slowly, and after breakfast, the children took part in their two final activities: some conquered the climbing walls, with others trying to score highest at archery. Some groups also paid a visit to the on-site beach where they created some superb beach art. After one last meal, the bags were loaded back onto the coaches as we headed back to school – rather tired!

During the three days they spent at Mersea, all 114 children showed great determination, acceptance of adventure and great improvement with team-work. The staff were extremely proud to see the children thrive in the outdoors, tackle their fears and strive to improve on every attempt - especially on the aerial activities. It was also encouraging to see the children build friendships among their peers.


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