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Year 3/4 boys' football tourament

On Friday 14th February, the year 3/4 boys’ football team travelled to the Len Forge Centre to compete in the year 3/4 football tournament. The day started with the group stages with four games to play. The boys were unfortunate to lose their first game but kept confident. Putting the result behind them, they then went onto score early in their second match before Thorpedene scored in the closing stages of the match, ending in a draw. In the third game, the boys went 2-0 down to Bournemouth Park, however this did not get to the team as they demonstrated their determination and managed to pull the game back to earn them the win. In the last game of the group, the boys worked incredibly well together getting a number of shots at the goal, but just could not get past the keeper, with the game ending a draw. The boys had done enough to make it through to the super 10s.

West Leigh 1-3 Bournes Green

West Leigh 1-1 Thorpedene

West Leigh 3-2 Bournemouth Park

West Leigh 0-0 Friars

In the afternoon, the boys had another four games to play. The team utilised their knowledge and experience from the group stage and played with confidence and determination from the start, managing to win the first three matches. The final match was tough, as both team had won all their matches in the super 10s. The boys applied the pressure and defended the ball brilliantly, but were unfortunate when Edwards Hall found a gap and managed to score. There was still some time left and the team worked hard to try to get a goal but were unable to score before the final whistle.

West Leigh 2-1 Earls Hall

West Leigh 3-0 Darlinghurst

West Leigh 1-0 Bournemouth Park

West Leigh 0-1 Edwards Hall

With all the matches played, the team had done enough to earn themselves a place in the final stages being played at Roots Hall in May.

The boys put in a great performance playing some fantastic football, demonstrating great skill and the whole team thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play football. The boys represented the school with fantastic sportsmanship, teamwork, behaviour and were a credit to the school. The whole team should feel confidant when playing in the finals.

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