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Boys' football team play Thorpedene Primary School

On Friday 7th February, the boys football team travelled to Thorpedene Primary School to play their second league game. The boys put their previous game behind them and went into this game with confidence and determination, which showed with superb passes and set pieces. In the first half, the boys played a number of shots, with Thorpedene’s keeper and defenders pulling out critical saves and tackles in the box. At half time, the boys had a 3-1 lead. The boys went into the second half and continued to play with confidence, Thorpedene put our defence to the test, applying pressure and tacking shots towards the goal, but the boys kept calm and composed throughout. The final whistle was blown with the final score, West Leigh 5-1 Thorpedene. Both teams played a fantastic game of football, showing superb sportsmanship and respect to all involved.

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