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Yr 5/6 Boys football team play Our Lady of Lourdes

On Tuesday 21st January, the boys’ football team travelled to Our Lady of Lourdes to play in their first league game of the season. In the first half, Our Lady of Lourdes managed to gain two early goals, the team then kept their heads up and remained positive and focused, working tirelessly to get the game back, scoring three goals to obtain the lead. Our Lady of Lourdes then managed to find a way through and equalise once again. The boys continued to show high pressure and great attacking ability to get another goal before half time, bringing the score to 4-3. The second half continued to be incredibly close, with both teams finding space and utilising it before getting a number of opportunities to take shots, with both the keepers and the defenders working tirelessly throughout. Our Lady of Lourdes managed to equalise once again and with the time counting down they managed to score to get the lead. The boys worked hard to try to equalise once again but unfortunately the final whistle was blown and the match ended, West Leigh 4-5 Our Lady of Lourdes.

Both teams played a fantastic game of football and demonstrated superb sportsmanship and respect to all involved.

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