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Year 5/6 Boys football

The Year 5 and 6 Boys' football team competed in the Southend Primary School Sports Association Boys' Football Competition on Friday 22nd November 2019. The day started with the group stages and four games to play, each lasting 8 minutes one way. In the first game, the boys had their defending and attacking skills put to the test as both teams were equally matched. The game ended in a draw. The team played the next three games with great confidence, improving in each match and winning all three. The boys had done enough to finish top of the group and go through to the super tens. West Leigh 0-0 Haycroft West Leigh 1-0 Prince Avenue West Leigh 4-1 Edwards Hall West Leigh 4-0 Thorpe Hall After lunch, the team had another four games to play. The boys continued their great form and went on to win the first three games. The final match tested the boys defending and attacking once again, going 0-1 down at the start, but they showed determination to equalize and then go ahead. With the last few minutes of the game to play, Bournes Green managed to equalize again. When the final whistle was blown, the game ended in a draw. The team played amazingly well and finished top earning a place in the semifinals. West Leigh 1-0 Earls Hall West Leigh 2-0 Blenheim West Leigh 1-0 Fairways West Leigh 2-2 Bournes Green In the semifinal, the boys played Greenways. The team continued to demonstrate great skill and ability, with two great shots at goal, both rebounding off the post. With Greenways playing the long ball game, the boys had to try to defend as much as possible but unfortunately were unable to stop Greenways from scoring twice. With the whistle blown, the boys missed out on a place in the final but their chances of getting a medal weren’t over as they still had one match to play third fourth playoff. West Leigh 0-2 Greenways In the playoff, the boys played Earls Hall. They put the result of the previous game behind them and demonstrated resilience and determination in their final match, playing a great game from start to finish. Both teams were equal in ability, working tirelessly up and down the pitch. The game looked like it was going to extra time but, with the time ticking down, the boys had the ball just outside the box on the right. They played the pass in and with a brilliant strike scored, seconds before the final whistle earning the team third place. West Leigh 1-0 Earls Hall The boys played fantastically well throughout the tournament, demonstrating superb skill and improving in every match they played. The team did a brilliant job to finish third out of the twenty schools who took part in this tournament and every team member represented the school with superb sportsmanship, behaviour and teamwork. The boys should feel very proud of their efforts and should feel confident when approaching their league games.

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