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Emerging Girls' Football Tournament

On Friday 11th October, eight of our girls from the school football team travelled to the Len Forge Centre to compete in the Southend Primary School Sports Association Emerging Girls Football Tournament. They had the opportunity to play eight competitive matches against seven other schools. For most of them, it was their first time playing a competitive match outside of school training sessions. With every match, all of the players showed great improvement and understanding of the game. Unfortunately, they did not quite manage to get a win in any of the games but did manage to secure a number of draws. The team kept their heads held high and put an immense amount of energy into every game, which was played back to back with a short break in between each match. All of the girls demonstrated great sportsmanship, encouragement and determination throughout the tournament. Most importantly, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a fantastic opportunity to play competitively against other schools. They should all be incredibly proud of their efforts. West Leigh 0-0 Earls Hall West Leigh 0-3 Hinguar West Leigh 1-1 Prince Avenue West Leigh 0-0 Westborough West Leigh 1-1 St Michaels West Leigh 0-4 Eastwood West Leigh 1-4 St Michaels West Leigh 3-3 Eastwood

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