SPSFA Champions of Champions Finals

On Friday 17th May, the boys’ and girls’ football teams played their final game of the season at Roots Hall in the SPSFA Champion of Champions Finals. Both teams qualified for the final by winning their leagues.

The girls’ match was first to kick off against Chalkwell Hall. The girls continued to show their strength and skill from the start with great pressure and attacking ability getting close to the goal on a number of occasions. They put Chalkwell’s defence and keeper to the test, both pulling out great blocks, takes and saves. The girls managed to find a gap, scored and then continued with great energy where they managed to get a second goal before half time.

The girls went into the second half full of confidence and energy continuing to show great form. Chalkwell applied the pressure in the second half, putting our keeper and defence to the test on a number of occasions throughout but the girls worked hard defending and winning the ball back a number of times. Getting the counter attack and using the space to their advantage, they set up superb crosses into the box to find our players and went on to score another three goals before the full time whistle.

With the final whistle, the score was West Leigh 5-0 Chalkwell Hall.

It was then the boys turn to play against Fairways. Both teams demonstrated their skills fantastically from the start with perfectly timed tackles, precision passes and crosses throughout the match. The boys got a number of shots at goal with Fairways keeper pulling out sublime saves and their defence worked tirelessly to prevent the boys getting through. They eventually managed to find a way through to get two goals before half time.

In the second half, Fairways put our defence to the test, winning a number of counter attacks, but were unable to get past our defenders and the few shots at goal were saved by our keeper. The boys continued their form and with an unbelievable cross from the half way line they managed to get in behind the defence and score a third goal. The boys then continued to channel their energy and enthusiasm into the game to go on to score another three goals before the final whistle.

With the final whistle, the score was West Leigh 6-0 Fairways.

Both the girls’ and boys’ teams demonstrated their ability to play under pressure and keep calm as well as encouraging each other throughout the games. Putting on two spectacular matches for all the spectators to watch, both teams demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and respect throughout and were a real credit to the school.

The teams were both crowned winners of their leagues and Champion of Champions of league one and two. It brings the season to a fantastic end and both teams can be very proud of their efforts throughout the year having had great success throughout.

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