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Maths Quiz

Maths can be challenging subject when the standard of the questions is pitched at al level aimed to push your thinking skills to the limit. Now imagine having the added pressure of a time limit - perhaps only 60 seconds to solve a complex problem. Add to that being watched by an audience - many who are not on your side. Well, that is exactly what eight brave Year 6 pupils did when they attended a Quiz Club maths competition recently. Prior to the event, they won their places on the team through a selection quiz within school and then gave up lots of their lunchtimes to prepare for the event. In two teams, competing directly against each other and many other school’s best mathematicians, they faced 35 questions ranging from the challenging to almost impossible! As a team, they worked superbly and although they would have liked to have placed higher, they did themselves and the school proud finishing in 4th and 6th place. Well done to all of the participants for their effort, teamwork and positive attitude towards the whole process.

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