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Year 3/4 Boys football tournament

On Friday 25th January, the year 3/4 boys’ football team travelled to the Len Forge Centre to compete in the year 3/4 football tournament. The day started with the group stages with 3 games to play. The boys got off to a good start getting an early lead. Thorpedean then managed to get an equalizer but the team pushed hard to get another goal. When the whistle blew, the game ended in a draw. The boys continued to show good form and went on to win their second game. The final game of the group stage would help decide which teams were going through to the super 10s. The boys played great attacking football but were unable to get the ball passed the keeper. In the last few minutes of the game, St Mary’s managed to get the counter-attack to beat us 1-0. The final game of the group did not involve West Leigh but it decided if the boys had done enough to get through; it was a tense 10 minutes. With the whistle blown and the win going to Thorpedean, the boys had missed out on a place in the supers 10s by 1 point. West Leigh 1-1 Thorpedean West Leigh 1-0 Our Lady of Lourdes West Leigh 0-1 St Mary’s But the day wasn’t over here as there were a number of friendly matches to play after lunch. With the boys stomachs filled, they were eager to get playing once again and went on to win the first game of the afternoon. They were unfortunate to lose the second game but, putting the result behind them, they then went on to win the next four games. West Leigh 1-0 Darlinghurst West Leigh 0-1 Chalkwell West Leigh 3-0 Sacred Heart West Leigh 2-0 Hamstel West Leigh 3-0 Temple Sutton West Leigh 4-1 Temple Sutton The boys put in a great performance playing some fantastic football, demonstrating great skill and the whole team thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play football. The boys represented the school with fantastic sportsmanship, teamwork, behaviour and were a credit to the school.

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