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Yr 5/6 Southend Primary School Sports Association Boys' Football Competition

The Year 5 and 6 Boys' football team competed in the Southend Primary School Sports Association Boys' Football Competition on Friday 16th November 2018. The day started with a group stage with 4 games to play. The boys got off to a great start by winning their first game, in the next two games, the boys continued to demonstrate great attacking play by winning both games. In the final game of the group stage, the boys once again pushed forward, applying pressure and getting a number of shots on goal, but were unable to get the ball past Temple Suttons keeper, with Temple Sutton managing to find the counter-attack they managed to beat us 1-0. The boys had done enough in the group to finish top and go through to the super 10s.

West Leigh 7-0 St Helens

West Leigh 1-0 Darlinghurst

West Leigh 1-0 Chalkwell

West Leigh 0-1 Temple Sutton

After lunch, the boys had another 4 games to play. The first game finished in a 0-1 defeat to Prince Avenue. The boys put the game behind them and kept their morale high to focus on the games ahead of them, they then went on to win the next two games. The final game both teams showed strong defensive and attacking ability with the game finishing 0-0. The boys had done enough to qualify for the semi-finals but had to wait for the last game to be played to find out if they were top or runners-up. With Bournes Green winning the last game the boys went into the semi-finals as runners-up.

West Leigh 0-1 Prince Avenue

West Leigh 1-0 Bournes Green

West Leigh 2-0 St Marys

West Leigh 0-0 Earls Hall

In the semi-final, the boys played Temple Sutton. The boys continued to attack and press up the pitch, getting a number of shots at goal, with Temple Sutton's goalkeeper pulling out some fantastic saves throughout the game. The final whistle was blown and the score remained 0-0, the game went into extra time, 10 minutes with the golden goal - the first team to score wins. The boys once again played with great form, 5 minutes passed, the score remained 0-0, then the boys managed to find a gap in the defence to pop the ball into the back of the net, earning them a place in the final.

West Leigh 1-0 Temple Sutton

In the final, the boys played Greenways. With both teams doing a fantastic job to get the final, they continued this by producing one of the tensest games to watch. Both sides played fantastic football taking a number of shots with both keepers making superb saves, with the 8 minutes up the final whistle was blown and once again extra time was played - 10 minutes with the golden goal rule. Both teams continued to play outstandingly, the time ticked on with the boys pressing the ball, getting shots at goal with the ball hitting the crossbar and saves from the keeper, 10 minutes was up and the score remained 0-0. The final result would be down to a penalty shootout. Three boys from both schools step up to take the penalty shootout, with West Leigh going first, each player stepped up to take their penalty, striking the ball with great power both sides put all three in the back of the net, the penalty shootout continued with each player stepping up intern, eventually all 6 players that were on the field at the end of play had taken a penalty and all 6 hitting the back of the net, the boys rotated for their second attempt, 10 penalty's later and all 10 going in for both teams the boys prepared for the 11s attempt, West Leigh found the back of the net, Greenway's step forward, strike the ball and the keeper pulls out a sublime save to earn West Leigh the win.

West Leigh 0-0 Greenways / West Leigh 11-10 Greenways on penalties

The boys put in an incredible performance throughout the day and did a remarkable job to win the tournament and will go on to represent Southend at the Essex final on the 29th November. The boys represented the school with superb sportsmanship, teamwork, and behaviour and should feel very confident when approaching the Essex final and upcoming league campaign.

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