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Year 5 enjoy their trip to Stubbers

A mass of luggage arrived back at school on Wednesday accompanied by very excited children. A short coach ride and we arrived though the gates at Stubbers. After quickly being shown their tents a tasty meal awaited the children. Some time was given to the children to allow them to play on the field. After the sun set we gathered together around the camp fire singing songs and telling stories. Still excited but tired children settled into their tents.

The camps rose early on Thursday, some a little earlier than needed! After breakfast the children were greeted by their instructors ready for the first activity. Over the two days the children experienced 7 activities each lasting for ninety minutes. Super quick changes between morning and afternoon activities were punctuated by a lunch break. Having completed their first four activities the children had some time to enjoy playing on the field before our evening meal.

The evening was taken up by going off on a night hike which started with a stunning sunset over the large lake. Children followed the trail through woodland paths, wide and narrow paths as well as open glades. We paused and played games and gathered together to view the night sky spotting Mars as well as the International Space Station. On our return from the walk many of the children were ready for their beds and very soon both camps were quiet.

Friday morning, having had a good nights sleep, the children were again excited for their next set of activities. Over the two days the children enjoyed archery, climbing, open canoeing, bell-boats (two long canoes fastened together to make one large boat) and team-challenge which challenged their ability to solve practical problems. However, the clear favourites were jet ski rides and laser tag. Having completed all activities the children gathered their belongings and boarded the coaches back to school ready to go home.

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