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Southend East Essex Design Competition

West Leigh has, once again, entered into the South East Essex Design Competition which showcases the fantastic art and technology work from across a number of schools in the county. It is a superb opportunity to share ideas with others and show other schools our best achievements in these two subjects. On Monday 27th March, Mr Loveridge was joined by seven children representatives from across the school at Deanes Academy for the awards ceremony. Tensions were high as bronze awards were announced and West Leigh was not included in the list. Year 3 were then announced to have won a silver award for their Greek Temple Art and the remaining three year groups continued to wait in anticipation but their work was still unannounced. Finally, Years 4, 5 and 6 were finally called to receive gold awards for their work – Tombs and Treasures, Waves of Inspiration and Puppets with Personality. In addition to this tremendous success, the special awards were announced and Year 6 were delighted to receive the ‘Sheila Grosvenor Award for Creative Textiles’ for their puppet work. This is a truly fantastic achievement for the entire school and Mr Loveridge would like to thank everyone – adults and children – for all their hard work.

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