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Sports Hall Athletics

On Wednesday 14th March, the year 5 and 6 Sportshall Athletics squad travelled to Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre to compete in the Essex Finals. The competition consisting of 6 track events and 6 field events, each athlete is only allowed to compete in a maximum of 2 track and 2 field events. With the top 14 schools from Essex competing the squad knew it was going to be a tough event. With each track event taking place at the same time as the field events, some of the children were getting back from one event and going straight into their next event. Some of the year 6 children even used the time they were waiting for their events to squeeze in some SATs revision. All the athletes performed constantly throughout the morning. After all the events were finished, all the schools were called down to find out the results. With the results being called out in reverse order from 14th, everyone was siting tensely waiting to find out how we had done. They got to the top 5 and we were still waiting, then they called out “in 4th place, from Southend with 520 points, West Leigh Junior School.” All the athletes showed great sportsmanship throughout the day and put in a fantastic performance to be the 4th best school in Essex.

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