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Yr 6 Hockey tournament

On Tuesday 19th February, Mrs Denison and Mr Nash travelled to Warners Bridge for the year 5 and 6 Hockey Tournament.

In the morning a team of 11 made up of 4 girls and 6 boys played in the emerging group. Which consisted of 8 schools with 3 games organized for each school. With the rain pouring the team were eager to get playing, the first game was a bit of a challenge as both teams had very similar kit; both in black and yellow. Out of the 3 games the team played they lost 2 and won 1. The team played really well and got some valuable experience playing on a hockey pitch.

In the afternoon the tournament team arrived full of excitement and were ready to get playing. With 10 schools entered into the tournament we were split into two groups containing 5 schools with 4 games to play. In the first game the team got used to how much space was available and how to effectively use the space, but were unfortunate to loss the first game. In the second game the team knew what they needed to do and were confident and positive when playing helping them to get a draw. In the third game the teams energy and confidence was high and they managed to win. In the last game the team knew if they won there would be a chance to qualify for the semifinals, so they went on to play a fantastic game and managed to win. But we didn’t know if we had done enough as there were still two games to be played in the group.

West Leigh 0-2 Earls Hall

West Leigh 1-1 Thorpe Hall

West Leigh 3-0 Eastwood

West Leigh 2-1 Bournes Green

Once all the scores were checked and verified the team were told they had got to the semifinals as runners up of the group and would be playing Allen Court. The team went on to play a tough game having to show strong defensive skills, however they were unfortunate to loss 3-0. But the day wasn’t over as the team still had one game to play, the 3rd 4th playoff.

West Leigh 0-3 Allen Court

The team remained positive and confident for this game against Earls Hall who they lost to in the first game. The team played really well both defensively and in their attacking play. With the full time whistle blown and the match at 0-0 the golden goal rule was put in place - whichever team scores first wins - the team still full of confidence managed to get the counter attack and get the ball up the pitch and into the D, took a shot and managed to get it in the back of the goal, finishing in 3rd.

West Leigh 1-0 Earls Hall

Both teams played really well throughout the day and showed great sportsmanship not only to the other team players but also to the referees and coaches from other schools, which is fantastic to see.

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