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Head for the day

The day finally arrived – Ambrose was to be headteacher for the day! The children arrived in school clutching their Pokemon cards and dressed in non-school uniform. The morning consisted of a choice of activities for children to take part in, including gardening, origami, volleyball, rock school, baking and more! Our teachers really are amazing and put on some fantastic activities for the children. The children also enjoyed an extra-long playtime courtesy of Mr Lusty! After a brilliant morning, the children were treated to an extra special assembly. Mr Lusty and the ‘Head for the Day’ candidates had organised a teacher singing competition! The school were overwhelmed with the efforts of the teachers and were blown away by the singing talents of Miss Revill, Mrs Bemister, Mrs Mitchinson and Mr Lear. Unfortunately there had to be a winner and a loser. Mr Lear was very impressed with his ‘apple watch’ and the losers had to put their feet in a bowl of custard! Mr Lusty had a packed day and carried out some additional headteacher duties, including completing a site check with Mr Silver, meeting with our head of governors and attending a senior leadership team meeting. We hope that he enjoyed his day and the children were very pleased that he fulfilled his election promises!

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