Southend Week

Once again, there was a variety of activities on offer during our Y6 Southend Activity Week, which the children (and adults) enjoyed immensely!

The week began with a slight change to the original schedule as we made our way to Lakeside on Monday morning. First stop: Prezzo for a fabulous feast – the children certainly had a voracious appetite for today’s events as eighteen of them managed to devour ten large pizzas with not even a crust left behind! Fully fuelled, we went in search of Wonder Woman, where even more goodies were purchased for our cinema spectacular. There were McFlurries all round on our way back to the station to take our train back to Leigh. This was voted one of the best days and set up our ‘food theme’ for the rest of the week.

There was an action-packed Tuesday with horse-riding in the morning – even the first-time riders, who had been slightly nervous beforehand, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We then bounced along to Basejump where the children had a fabulous time. Despite being the only non-ice-cream / food day, many of the children said it was their favourite.

Wednesday saw a return to the food theme – the children worked in groups and cooked up an array of mouth-watering food: soda bread, savoury tarts, scones and lemon drizzle cupcakes. We all sat down ‘Mad-hatter’s tea-party’ style and enjoyed our feast before taking a stroll down to Old Leigh for a spot of crabbing (and a dead crab funeral). We trudged merrily up the hill back to school, but not before stopping off for an ice-cream!

Thursday was the first of our trips to Southend. We had lots of fun with bowling, especially as we were allowed in the special ‘party’ zone, complete with disco lights! Then it was crazy golf and…yes, you guessed it…more ice-cream before heading back on the bus!

We were quite nervous about the weather for our final day as the forecast wasn’t great; however, we had a glorious day at Adventure Island – one of the best yet! The children were wonderfully behaved and definitely deserved their final ice-cream of the week!

Overall, Southend Activity Week was a resounding success and a fabulous time was had by all.

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